Festival Polonaise in English

Festival Polonaise 2019

The Best Polish Festival in The Country


Where: Golf Mill Park in Niles, Illinois.
Intersection of Church St & Cumberland, near Golf Mill Shopping Center

When: Friday, August 16th, 5PM-11PM
Saturday, August 17th, 3PM-11PM
Sunday, August 18th, 12PM-11PM

The biggest music stars from Poland:

  • Doda – Dorota Rabczewska-Stępień – Polish pop and rock star, songwriter, actor and producer, featured at Studio Buffo and Theater IMKA, lead vocals in the band Virgin.
  • Edyta Górniak – Singer, songwriter, composer and one of the biggest pop stars in Poland. Recipient of many prestige awards like Fryderyków Award, Viva Comet Awards, and Bursztynowy Słowik. Performed the hit song “To Nie Ja” with Studio Buffo, which placed second at the Eurovision Awards.
  • Lady Pank – The legend of Polish Rock, founded by the guitarist and composer Jan Borysewicz, co-founder Andrzej Mogielnicki – songwriter, Janusz Panasewicz – vocals. This band has performed in Poland and all around the world for years.
  • Sztywny Pal Azji – Polish rock band that became famous in the late 80s and early 90s. Their biggest hits are “Wieża radości wieża samotności”, “Spotkanie z…”, “Nasze reggae”, “Kolor czerwony” and “Kurort.”
  • Ania Wyszkoni – Vocalist, composer, songwriter, one of the most recognized and charismatic performers on the Polish music scene, recipient of numerous awards and sold over half of a million albums. Ania has performed since the age of 22.

Other Guests from Poland:

  • Anna Głogowska – Professional dancer in Latin and standard styles, television host, participant and host of “Dancing with The Stars Poland.”
  • Jan Kliment – Czech dancer who gained popularity from his performance on “Dancing with The Stars.”
  • Ewa Wachowicz – Reporter and TV host, Miss Polonia 1992 and host of TV show “Ewa Gotuje” since 2007.
  • Joanna Krupa – Model, actress and animal rights activist. She has numerous appearances as a performer and judge on Polish TV shows “Dancing with the Stars” and “Top Model.”
  • Krzysztof Ibisz – Actor, tv host, reporter, producer, and politician. Closely tied with television network Polsat.
  • Michał Wójcik – Kabaret Ani Mru Mru – Polish comedian and member of the group Ani Mru-Mru.


Beloved bands from Chicago:

  • Kaeyra – Caroline Baran, very talented 18-year-old who was born and raised in Chicago, performed with Postmodern Jukebox as well as stars like Dżem, Andrzej Piaseczny, Michał Szpak, Andrzej Krzywy, Anna Juksztowicz and many more.
  • 7th Heaven – 7th heaven is a Chicago based rock band created by guitarist Richie Hofherr, Tony Di Giulio, and Michael Mooshey. Formed in 1985, it has continued up to present day with changing band members. The band was named by co-founder Michael Mooshey in 1985.
  • Bandoleros – Bandoleros is the Chicago-based musical force of nature that has mesmerized audiences around the world with its spicy blend of Middle Eastern, Spanish flamenco and Latin flavors.


  • GUINNESS WORLD RECORD attempt for the biggest Polonaise dance.
  • Carnival
  • Face Painting
  • Ice Cream and much more
  • Delicious Polish cuisine from top Chicago vendors
  • Two Beer Tents
  • Over 50 local and national vendors

Attendance: Over 20,000 in 2017, Over 35,000 in 2018.

Parking: FREE



(Niles,IL) Festival Polonaise is returning for the third time at Golf Mill Park on August 16-18, 2019. The easiest and cheapest trip to Poland is just a few miles away for most Chicagoans and Midwesterners. For three days in August, Polish culture, music, dance, celebrity, food and drink can all be experienced at Festival Polonaise at Golf Mill Park in suburban Chicago. It’s cultural immersion at its best- featuring all the wonderful things that Chicago’s huge Polish population celebrates.

The festival is recognized for inviting the most popular artist and celebrities from the Polish music scene and around the world. This year’s performances will be highlighted by Doda, Edyta Gorniak, Ania Wyszkoni, Lady Pank, Sztywny Pal Azji, and many more. The festival will be hosted by the duo of Joanna Krupa and Krzysztof Ibisz. The time between concerts will be filled with stand-up comedy by the great Michal Wojcik from the group Ani Mru Mru.

The festival will also feature a dose of well known Chicago artists like 7th Heaven, Kaeyra, and Bandoleros. For the food enthusiast, Ewa Wachowicz (host of famous cooking show Ewa Gotuje) will give a cooking lesson on how to make the best pierogi as well as judge the Celebrity Pierogi Contest that will take place on stage.