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“Build-a-Sandwich” Contest Entry Form


Contest Rules and Criteria

• Entry Fee: FREE but limited to the first 10 applications.
• Eligibility: Open to all children from 8-13 years of age.
• Entry form must be submitted to festivalpolonaise@gmail.com by 8/18/22; or day of event at the Event Stage,
and signed by parent or legal guardian before 3 p.m. CDT on 8/20/22.
• Contestants will have twenty minutes to create their unique ham sandwiches with ingredients/toppings provided.
• Contestants will take place on AUG. 20 at 4:00 pm on the Event Stage at Festival Polonaise.
• Contestants must not touch any ingredients until the starting signal is given.
• The sandwich recipe must contain Krakus® ham, which will be provided.
• Children may choose from additional ingredients/toppings, also provided, for their sandwich creations.
• Contestants may not put any ingredients on their sandwich after the ending signal.
• Judges will be on-site to assure adherence to rules.
• All contestants agree to use their name and likeness for advertising, PR and trade purposes.

Give-Aways and Prizes!

• Cash prizes awarded for two best recipes: Tastiest Sandwich and Most Creative Sandwich
• All confirmed contestants will receive a free Krakus Apron and other giveaways


Acknowledgment of Risks and Waiver of Liability: Contestant acknowledges that there may be some risks of personal injury
and/or risks of damage to or loss of personal property, which may result from participating in this contest. Contestant, as a
condition of entry, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Festival Polonaise, Krakus, or Integra Communications, its affiliated
companies, or vendors from any and all claims and costs, including attorneys’ fees, arising from or in connection with participation in this contest or the receipt or use of any prize.

Final Authority: Festival Polonaise has the final authority regarding all contest-related matters.

Certification and Signature: I certify that the information provided on this application is correct and that I have carefully read, understood, and accepted the terms of the Contest Application and Rules.

My signature indicates my understanding of and my assumption of any risks and voluntary participation in this contest.

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